Friday, June 17, 2011

Emperor of All Maladies - A Biography of Cancer

This was an amazing book.  I learned so much while reading it, finding it very accessible, but at the same time it doesn't talk down to you.  Mukherjee roughly divides his book into sections describing cancer treatments, prevention, and origins.  I enjoyed the section on prevention a great deal and found his explanation of how tobacco became a known carcinogen to be fascinating.  However, learning about some of the early cancer treatments was also disturbingly compelling as well.  I just could not fathom some of the treatments that were in place.  The genetics/origin section was a bit tougher going as the technical terms became more ubiquitous.  Nonetheless, it was still done in a manner that was not difficult to follow (you simply had to concentrate on the terminology a bit more).  Overall, this book was amazing and should be a must read for most.  Even if you are fanatical fiction reader like myself, I believe that this book will appeal.

5/5 stars

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